Been Green

Running a retail bicycle store produces an unimaginable amount of packaging. First, there are the boxes the goods get shipped in and the actual packing for each product and occasionally their plastic packaging. Then there are the broken bits that we take off your bike.

With this in mind, Dream Cycle has always “Been Green”. Since day one, back in Feb 2006 when we set up the shop, the idea of recycling was important to us. So, we made specific plans to include recycling in the actual construction of the shop. We set up paper/cardstock recycling within arm’s reach of each mechanic. Metal bins at both stations that sees both aluminum and steel. Of course, tires get compressed and wrapped with inner tubes and stored until we have a large enough load to take to the Kal Tire Recycling facility on Annacis Island, where the rubber gets shredded down and is used as an ingredient in asphalt. Corrugated card board gets recycled with a neighbor who has a bin and a contract for monthly removal. Both soft and hard plastic gets sorted and recycled. Of course we use coffee mugs and plates for take out.

We are proud to say that during our busy season, Dream Cycle produces less than 2 bags of garbage per month.