Custom Builds

How does this work? Come into the shop & feel free to ask questions. We’re open 6 days a week and have about a dozen bikes built up in different ways for you to check out! The complete bikes can be ordered in any size. About half the bikes we sell are custom built.

If you like what you see then schedule a consultation with us. It’s important to know that there is no obligation to buy once you’ve done a consult. It’s more like a fact finding mission. We’d like to sit down with you for 20-30 minutes to go through a questionnaire. At this point we can show you the different model options, discuss the ‘features & benefits’ of different products & then make notes about the details including colour choices. It’s actually kinda fun dreaming about what your next bike could be.

After we have all the info we need, we’ll work up a quote for you. We simply fill out a template with all the details discussed during the consult & email you a quote. If you like what you see then the next step is to schedule a bike fitting. This is very important to us, as we are only interested in selling you a perfect fitting bicycle that can last you for years & years. Our bike fittings takes about an hour & is very thorough, in fact you’ll definitely learn something.

We only sell steel frame bikes – Chromoly or Molybdenum. It’s been said that a bike made out of chromoly steel gives a much more compliant ride than aluminium alloys, and has a higher tensile strength. This means they are simultaneously comfortable to ride and built to last! Just look around your neighbourhood – bikes built twenty, thirty or even 100 years ago are still on the road.

The bottom line is that high quality steel frames are a great foundation to build on and that’s what we do best. We work closely with you to design the exact bike for your needs. We cover every detail of the bicycle to provide you with an accurate quote. This is our way of ensuring a better product and realising your dream bike!

Hand Built Custom Bicycles

The ultimate bicycle – hand crafted to meet your unique dimensions and custom styled to your desires.

Our Sedgwick bicycles are built right here in East Vancouver. We are here to create your dream – from creating a CAD drawing through to paint and components we will build on your input every step of the way.

Production Bicycles

We carry production frames from the following brands:

Despite being a “standard” frame there is nothing ordinary about these bicycles! We will work with you to choose the components and accessories that best meet your needs and your budget, helping you build a unique dependable ride.