Welcome to Dream Cycle

Welcome to our new site & thank you for taking the time to see what’s happening.

The goal we’re shooting for with this new launch to better tell the story of what Dream Cycle is all about, basically what we do & why we do it. We build really good chromoly steel bicycles & do solid repairs!

As mechanics we’re pretty familiar with broken bits so we try hard to sell you a solution or an upgrade & we’ll take the time to educate you to help you make a better decision. Then we work tirelessly to get it done quickly & correctly for a fair price.

The new site promises to have a cleaner look & we’re going to hit you with images of some of the most beautiful bicycles & components that adorn them. Basically we’re giving you a glimpse of what we do daily.

Some new features will walk through our custom bike program (including our Sedgwick locally built custom frames); as this is a complicated process that we’re desperately in need of making simpler. Also we want to have more video content showcasing some of the added value we offer during our build process.

Online appointments: During the summer we get so busy that we have to turn away customers, we hate to do it but there is physically no room in the shop for more than 30 bikes so we’re currently work shopping an online scheduler. You’ll be able to easily book the repair, consultation or whatever you need done, online!

Thanks for checking us out & let us know if you have any ideas, as this will be a work in progress.


  • Darren