If it can be fixed, we can do it!

We service all makes and models; if you love your bicycle we are here to help.

Labour Rates

All rates subject to GST. All parts subject to GST, some parts subject to GST & PST.

Hourly Service Rate: $100

Dream Bike Build – $300 – You pick your parts!
The same treatment the pros get! Your frame gets faced and chased & the internal tubes get coated with a rust inhibitor/frame saver. Wheels are hand built by our team, we’ll install & adjust all of your parts to torque spec, dial in your fit information and make your bike ‘tour’ ready for you to pick up.

Bike Overhaul – $300
Includes complete disassembly, cleaning, lubrication and reassembly of bicycle, including bearings & rebuilt with new cables. Parts extra.

Bike Fitting – $70 ($50 with bike purchase)
One hour bio-dynamic bike fitting session.

Tune Up – $100
INCLUDES: All bearing adjustments, brake & shifter adjustments, wheel truing, drive train clean & lube, top up tires, cleaning and general safety inspection. Includes 30 day warranty. Parts extra.

Check Over – $50
A check over of the entire bicycle. This service includes 1 repair and 2 adjustments. Bolts are checked for proper torque, chain is lubed and tires get topped up.

Wheel Building – $80
Does not include parts. Wheel build labour is half price ($40) when you purchase all the parts (rim, hub, spokes, nipples) from us.

Headset Install – $40
Includes pressing headset cups in and cutting steerer tube. Parts extra.

New Bike Consultation – $50
Half-hour consultation to determine the specifics of your Dream bicycle. Includes a detailed spreadsheet showing exact cost of all items. Full cost will be credited towards the purchase of your bike.

Drive Train Install – $30
Cassette and chain install only. Parts extra.

Hub Overhaul – $30
Clean, lube and adjust hub. Parts extra.

Basic Wheel Truing – $20
A basic wheel true in the truing stand, does not include tensioning or spoke replacement.

Deluxe Wheel Truing – $30
Includes everything in the basic wheel true. Includes spoke tensioning.

Spoke(s) Replacement – $35
Replace spoke(s) on the wheel, retrue and retension. Does not include spokes.

Part Install – $20
Wheel, brake caliper, shift or brake lever, etc. – EACH

Tube Replacement – $20
Does not include tube.

Adjustments – $18
Brake cable/caliper, shifting/derailleur, headset, bottom bracket, hub bearing – EACH

All other services billed at standard labour rate ($100/hour)

All rates subject to GST. All parts subject to GST, some parts subject to GST & PST.