Phones – Back On – Again – Thanks

As far as bringing your bike to us for service we need to inform you that we do work on a 1st Come – 1st Serve basis and we do NOT do offer appointments. More on that later.

If you purchased your bike from us then just bring it in & we’ll do our best to fit you in. If we need to order parts for you then we can discuss that when your here. Yay!

If we’ve worked on your bike in the past then it’s best to pop on by & see if we have the parts we need for your bike & how to fit you in. Again, we’ll do our best to help. If your bike is very old & needs extensive repairs then it might be best to schedule a consulttation to figure out exactly what you need. This could take a half hour.

Have an Electric Bike? Please do not bring it here. We don’t carry parts for Electric Bikes & just can’t serve this customer base. Check out Ohm Cycles or Velo Lifestyle on Nanaimo Street. Yes, I do believe there needs to be a shop that specializes in servicing these bikes, but it’s not us. Too bad, so sad!

Appointments? We have tried this in the past & frankly it doesn’t work. We go through all the trouble of working on the schedule & then people just don’t keep the appointment! Then, they still want to bring their bike whenever it’s convenient for them & expect us to just ‘suck it up & take their bike in when we’re super full. Ugh, how frustrating is that? Other shops have used a ‘Pay’ option on their sites to make an appointment where if the customer misses the appointment then they can book another appointment but who wants to pay twice just for an appointment?

Want to buy a bike from us? Great! We suggest that you come in to discuss this in person. 95% of our bikes are custom built & start at about $3500.00 and up.

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