January 2024 Updates

Hi guys, Darren here. 1st thing I’d like to say is Happy New Year to you & yours. I trust that all is well. Today Wednesday Jan/10th/2024 we’ll be open from 10-6pm. For the remainder of the month we’ll be open from Wednesday – Saturday. We’ll have a technician in the shop on Fridays & Saturdays.

We’ve got some new & exciting things happening in the shop for this year. A new website that have our product listings and possibly a custom size run of our beloved Sedgwick’s. More & more ‘frame up shops’ are opting for their own line of bikes. We’ve had 30 custom made Sedgwick’s over the years & it might be time to really push forward with this brand. More on that later. Who knew that back in 2005 when we were dreaming up the shop that it would inspire multiple new bikes shops to pop up all around the city. Ex Dream Cycle staff have gone on to open many different shops on their own. Of course Ed Tsui my original business partner moved back to Toronto & opened Liberty Cyclery back in 2009 & of course Josh William’s & I opened Kissing Crows Cyclery up on Main Street. In total, ten former employees of Dream Cycle have gone on to start their own shops or bike buisnesss. Not all have succeeded but most have. Recentley ex-staff Alex Ramon opened Calgary Bicycle Repair in 2022. Cheers mate! Really, I need to do a seperate post listing all the great folks who’ve come through the shop and update what they’ve been up to. 2024 will be our 19th year in business here @ 1010 Commercial Drive. I gotta say it’s been quite the ride. 

2023 was rough though, I’m not gonna lie. With all that has been happening in the bike industry & shops closing all around us it begs the question. What’s our plan @ Dream Cycle? Renovations that we started back in 2020 are finally looking to be complete. Our new ‘Handle Bar’ will open this year. I’ve laboured over how to best display handlebars in the shop & have been working on this design for a few years now & it’s almost done. We used all reclaimed Doug Fir & some live edge for the bar top. This is very exciting & I think it looks fantastic. Be sure to come in  check out the new BTP Woven cloth handlebar tape. https://btpbartape.com/product-category/bicycle-bartape/woven-ribbon-bartape-brbn/

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